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About Us

Welcome to our Studio!
We are a small business, a family of four. We are so excited to show our love for crafts and delighted to offer our passion for candles to you and your family.

How did we get our start? It all started when it was time to baptize our daughter, she was a year old and we tried to find a candle in which we could add her name, date & godparent’s names; we couldn’t find one with delicate flowers to match our decorations and we didn’t want a candle with a plastic sticker on it, so we decided to make our own. After a lot of trial and error, we got it exactly the way we wanted to. In time, family members & friends started to ask if we could do the same for them and the idea came to life to share our creations with everyone we could.
At our shop you will find personalized candles for special occasions, weddings, baptism, christening, first holy communion, etc. We take our time, care, patience and love to make each candle, so you can make unforgettable memories with them and your families.

We use only premium quality materials. All our candles are designed, prepared, assembled & packaged in the USA.


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